From past couple of days. I was researching on a css/js minifier. I started with css. Since, recently my company decided to use Telerik Rad Controls, but as expected they wanted to customize look and feel. Here comes the

Problem :-

24 unrelated css files. So, Either we have to inspect the page to identify the controls being used or I could put one link in my master page that delivers all of these 24 css files as one request after minifying, gziping and maintaining a cache on the serverside.
Along with that there might be custom css files as well, and i wanted the support of .less files as well.

I could have used telerik rad stylesheet manager.But I dont think it minifies jst delivers all of them in one request as gzipped

So all in all.My requirement is to minify,gzip and server side cache css and JS files in a directory. and in this post I am gone compare options available to me

Solution :- Following were my options.

  1. Use YUI compressor port
  2. Use Microsoft Ajax Minifier 4.0
  3. Use Bundler by Justin Etheredge
  4. Use Dot Less Css
  5. Use Shinkensen
  6. Build a custom one.

So, Here is the table of comparison :)

Work in Progress…