**Disclaimer ::**This series is for people who are already comfortable with Microsoft.Net development doesn’t matter web or windows. Even though Windows Phone Development requires one to know Silverlight. But, Silverlight is not must for this series of tutorials.Since, we will be learning that as well, and this series is only focused on windows phone development in Silverlight, not XNA Framework 4.

**Task ::**Write a window phone 7 app that shows “Hello! World”.

First and foremost one need to know about the tools that he will be using . So, following are the tools that you will be using for the day one

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Windows Phone 7 Emulator

You can download one integrated package of tools from this link(http://create.msdn.com/en-us/home/getting_started) .

Let us get started. After installing tools Open Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express. Press Ctrl + Shift + N or go toFile –> New –> Project Choose “Silverlight for Windows Phone”( If the options is not there that means either you haven’t installed the tools, or there is something wrong).

Let us keep the project name as it is(WindowsPhoneApplication1) only. New project dialogue should look like following


Visual Studio will take some time to set up the project for you. After that you will see XAML Editor as shown in following screen shot ( This is how visual studio looks if you using it in Full Screen Mode [ Use Alt+Shift+Enter to toggle between full screen mode])


On the left you can see the design screen on the right is XAML source editor. We will get into details of XAML editor later.

Press F5 now to run the project in debugging mode.Visual Studio will make a build of the project and show you the Windows Phone 7 Emulator which will look like following.


It will take some time in loading your application for the first time, then you will see your application running in emulator.

Now go back to Visual Studio with out closing the emulator. Press( Shift + F5) or Debug –> Stop Debugging.Go to XAML Source View(the one in the right) . Try finding text ‘Text=”page name”’ Change ‘page name’ to ‘Hello! World’.

Press F5 again. This time it should load faster (If you didn’t close the emulator first time and followed the steps as I explained).

Final Output


This is it your first Windows Phone 7 App ‘Hello World’. Tomorrow, I will get into details of what is going on, What are the classes being Used, XAML Markup and all

Feel free to ask question via comment section.