I searched a lot, But was not able to find a bug tracking system based on ASP.Net MVC. So, I decided to build this as my learning project. I decided to use Sharp Architecture to start with.So, first thing is to download it SharpArchitecture_1.5_Beta1.zip. I am using Windows 7 , VS 2010 with ASP.net MVC 2 installed . So, instructions are specific to that only. After downloading unzip the file in “C:\Users\mthakral\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#\Web” . If “Web” Directory is not there then create it . Zipped File would contain another zip file and one dll. Unblock the zip file as well(Right click and then unblock). Add the dll to GAC. For Visual 2008 you can follow the instruction given at :: Setup Sharp Architecture.

Then go to VS 2010 new Project-> Visual C# -> Web -> Choose “Sharp Architecture” ,
Project Name MugBug and It will start creating bunch of projects for you. It will show you some database related dialog box, Just cancel those. You will see 2 errors in tt templates.(Atleaset, I was getting those). But, I ignored those and tried making a build. It build successfully.But, out of 9 projects 3 were skipped by default. Then, I tried running and it failed with some Global.asax error on “NHibernateSession.Init(“. I think this was because of database. So, I went ahead created a database and it user. Placed those values in Y:\MugBug\app\MugBug.Web\NHibernate.config. After this, I was able to run my app for the first time. and then as the page suggested, I executed the unit tests. After that, I could see two errors in T4 templates something like
Error 19 Compiling transformation: Metadata file ‘Inflector.Net.dll’ could not be found
Error 20 Compiling transformation: Metadata file ‘SharpArch.Core.dll’ could not be found

Thats if for day 1, time to go for a shower and then office. C ya

Now, I am facing some random issues with tt generator.